Keep Batect and your configuration up-to-date

A single Batect project is made up of many components that are versioned independently:

  • Batect itself
  • the images your project uses
  • the bundles your project uses

Each of these need to be kept up to date to take advantage of bug fixes, new features and performance and security improvements.

Automating updates#


Renovate can help keep your project up-to-date automatically. It's a tool that scans your repository for dependencies, identifies which ones are out of date and then sends you PRs to update them.

Renovate has built-in support for Batect, and in its default configuration will automatically send you PRs to update Batect itself and any images or bundles you project uses. In addition to this, it also has support for updating base image references in Dockerfiles.

By default, Renovate will update image or bundle references in files named batect.yml or batect-bundle.yml, and any files included in those files with file includes. If you use a different name for your main configuration file, you'll need to configure regular expressions to define which files to search with fileMatch in your renovate.json:

"batect": {
"fileMatch": [

fileMatch should be an array of regular expressions that will be matched against the path to the file, relative to the root of the repository.

For more information, consult Renovate's Batect manager documentation.

Manually checking for updates#

Batect itself#

Batect automatically checks for updates to itself in the background, and prompts you at the start of a task if a new version is available, for example:

Version 1.2.3 of Batect is now available (you have 1.1.4).
To upgrade to the latest version, run './batect --upgrade'.
For more information, visit

To update (or check for updates immediately), run ./batect --upgrade.

Image and bundle references#

There is no built-in support for identifying out-of-date image or bundle references.