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Keep your builds green and developers happy with the fast, consistent way to run your development and testing tasks everywhere.


Tasks are fast to start due to parallelisation and fast to run thanks to caching. We’ve seen 17% quicker execution than Docker Compose.

Save time and share tasks between projects with bundles, and use existing bundles to get up and running quickly.


Free yourself from manual setup and maintenance of tools and dependencies: run builds, integration tests or deployments with a single command whether it’s the first time you’re using the project or the fiftieth.

And because Batect uses Docker to create a clean, isolated environment every time you run a task, there’s no more “works on my machine”.


Your machine, your colleagues’ machines and CI: everyone runs exactly the same thing, every time. Works on macOS, Linux and even Windows.

No installation required. Just drop the script in your project and run ./batect.

Hello world in less than 30 seconds

image: alpine:3.18.4

description: Say hello to everyone
container: my-container
command: echo 'Hello world!'

Local integration testing in less than 30 seconds

This project builds and tests a small service. Batect is configured to build the service, start a local version of the service’s dependencies (a database and an external service), then test the service.

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