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Upcoming Bintray shutdown and how it affects you

Charles Korn

Charles Korn


tl;dr: run ./batect --upgrade to upgrade to Batect v0.69.0 or later to ensure Batect continues to work after May 1

Bintray announced on February 3 that it will be shutting down on May 1, 2021.

Batect's wrapper script (batect on macOS and Linux, and batect.cmd on Windows) downloads Batect from Bintray if it has not already been cached on your machine.

After Bintray's shutdown on May 1, downloading Batect from Bintray will no longer work. Batect v0.69.0 introduces a new download server ( which does not rely on Bintray.

In order to continue using Batect without any issues after May 1, you must do one of the following:

Option 1: upgrade to v0.69.0 or later#

To switch to the new server, the easiest thing to do is to upgrade with ./batect --upgrade. This will automatically update your wrapper script to the new version that uses the new download server.

Option 2: remain on an old version and switch to new server#

The new download server also supports old versions. If you need to remain on an older version, make the following changes in your project's copy of the wrapper script:

-$DownloadUrlRoot = getValueOrDefault $env:BATECT_DOWNLOAD_URL_ROOT ""^
+$DownloadUrlRoot = getValueOrDefault $env:BATECT_DOWNLOAD_URL_ROOT ""^
$UrlEncodedVersion = [Uri]::EscapeDataString($Version)^
-$DownloadUrl = getValueOrDefault $env:BATECT_DOWNLOAD_URL "$DownloadUrlRoot/$UrlEncodedVersion/bin/batect-$UrlEncodedVersion.jar"^
+$DownloadUrl = getValueOrDefault $env:BATECT_DOWNLOAD_URL "$DownloadUrlRoot/$UrlEncodedVersion/batect-$UrlEncodedVersion.jar"^