You can see a full example of using batect with Golang in the Golang sample project.

Caching dependencies


Mount a directory into your container for your GOPATH, otherwise you'll have to download and compile your dependencies every time the build runs

Golang caches the source and binaries for dependencies under your GOPATH. By default, this is at $HOME/go. However, because batect destroys all of your containers once the task finishes, this directory is lost at the end of every task run - which means that Golang will have to download and compile all of your dependencies again, significantly slowing down the build.

The solution to this is to mount a directory that persists between builds into your container for your GOPATH.

For example, the official Golang Docker images set GOPATH to /go, so mounting the directory .go-cache in your project to /go inside the container will allow your dependencies to be persisted across builds.