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Config variables


This page reflects the options available in the most recent version of batect.

Config variables allow you simplify your configuration file, and document and codify the different options available to a developer using your tasks.

They are useful for a number of use cases:

  • Reducing duplication in configuration files
  • Simplifying management of developer-specific preferences (eg. a developer's preferred log output level)
  • Simplifying management of sets of environment-specific settings (eg. managing sets of test environment connection settings for a CI server)

Config variables can be used anywhere expressions are supported.


Values for config variables are taken from the following sources, with higher values taking precedence:

If a variable is referenced but no value is available for it, an error occurs.


Each config variable definition is made up of:


A human-readable description of the variable.


The default value of the variable.


Config variable with no description or default value

  log_level: {}

{} is the YAML syntax for an empty object.

Config variable with description and default value

    description: Log level to use for application
    default: debug