Keep Batect and your configuration up-to-date automatically with Renovate

Charles Korn

Charles Korn


tl;dr: Renovate now supports Batect, which means it can automatically send you PRs to update Batect itself as well as any images or bundles you reference in your configuration files.

Keeping dependencies and tools up-to-date is a necessary but tedious task for any codebase. Tools like Dependabot and Renovate help to automate this process by scanning your repository for dependencies, identifying which ones are out of date and then sending you PRs to update them.

I'm pleased to announce that Renovate has accepted a series of PRs that add support for Batect to Renovate. These cover all three scenarios required to keep Batect and your configuration up-to-date:

  • updating Batect itself (equivalent to running ./batect --upgrade)
  • updating any Docker image references in your configuration files
  • updating any bundle references in your configuration files

If you use Dockerfiles to build images for use with Batect, Renovate already has you covered as well - updating base image references in Dockerfiles has been supported by Renovate for a while.

No configuration is required to activate this. If you're already using Renovate's hosted service, you'll start receiving update PRs automatically. If you host Renovate yourself, update to 24.2.0 or later.

By default, Renovate will only update image or bundle references in files named batect.yml or batect-bundle.yml. If you use file includes to split your configuration over multiple files, you'll need to configure which files to search with fileMatch in your renovate.json. Update 22/12: if your configuration is split over multiple files with file includes, no further configuration is required - Renovate will now automatically detect image and bundle references in files included in your main configuration file.

Take a look at the documentation for more information.